Thursday, 19 May 2011


Look at my books. They are shiny. They are slick and have nice colours and clever words. And they are shiny. Never mind about the price of them, you can't afford NOT to have these books. And they are shiny. So buy them.  Buy these shiny things now.

                                                                Taffy the Fire book ye one
                 contains three stories - 'Dragon Your Heels', 'Forks and Knaves', and 'Out of Charm's Way'  plus two pages of  bonus sketches. Ye price be £8.99

                                                          and Little Dya's My First Book also
                                             contains three stories - 'A Dya Christmas', 'I kid You, Nut!' 
                                                          (with Hot Dog and Cedric Snide) and
                                              'Feathered Father Figure' (also starring Stan the Crow)
                                                 plus two pages of bonus sketches.
                                                                      Cost is £6.99

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