Thursday, 19 May 2011


Look at my books. They are shiny. They are slick and have nice colours and clever words. And they are shiny. Never mind about the price of them, you can't afford NOT to have these books. And they are shiny. So buy them.  Buy these shiny things now.

                                                                Taffy the Fire book ye one
                 contains three stories - 'Dragon Your Heels', 'Forks and Knaves', and 'Out of Charm's Way'  plus two pages of  bonus sketches. Ye price be £8.99

                                                          and Little Dya's My First Book also
                                             contains three stories - 'A Dya Christmas', 'I kid You, Nut!' 
                                                          (with Hot Dog and Cedric Snide) and
                                              'Feathered Father Figure' (also starring Stan the Crow)
                                                 plus two pages of bonus sketches.
                                                                      Cost is £6.99

Work in progress and fan arty stuff

Eeeee! Black as the ace of spades!

Here's the title card for a comic my fiancée and I are currently working on. Drawing by Hayley (originally sketched out in a dark cinema! She's so devoted to the cause, bless her), colouring by myself.
 I wrote this gambling-themed story a while back and it involves another crossover, this time with her Baxter and Emiko and my Stan the Crow. Current fans will probably guess how this particular venture will turn out. Keep watching our accounts on DeviantArt to see more. Hayley's account is here, mine is here.

"Odd-Jobbers" page 5

For those of you who like 'behind-the-seens' type crap, here's page 5 from 'Odd-Jobbers' introducing the 'All-New' Constable Beaner! ™
Fans of the series will recognise him as the policeman appearing at the end of the Christmas Special from last year. I decided to bring him back to add a bit of friendly antaognism to the gals' doings.      

From  'Mistletoe and Whine' (2010)

On the subject of those three dizzy dames, Mr. Shane Jensen surprised me with a bit of fan art last night. Here's his take on the characters. Ta muchly Mr. J! And get well soon :) ←  (this smiley face shows that I'm hip and down with the kids)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

HB to QP

1st of all here's my offering to a fellow artist and Huck Hound fan on DeviantArt and also on the old blog-type of thing - Mr. Christopher of Signore. Hope y'awll had a right dandy time, sir! I'm probably not the first to make the obvious logo/birthday-related pun and I won't be the last I'm sure. Hope it was a good one Chrissy-boi.

Speaking of HB, I'm a little worried about what I've heard regarding the apparent done deal of Seth MacFarlene's take on 'The Flintstones'. You can read about it over on Mr. Yowp's blog right here.
Personally, I doubt it'll come to anything to worry us Flintstonians too much, that is if it comes to light at all. Revivals of classic series have a history of never going that well anyway. At least the full set is available on DVD and that'll do me admirably. It makes me thankful, however, that many of my favourite cartoon characters (Hanna-Barbera or otherwise) tend to be 'obscure' enough to be left well alone. However, that does make DVD releases of the ilk of Quick Draw McGraw and Wally Gator less of a likelihood so it's a double-edged sword I guess.

                              A-heeheehee! DVDs of Quick Draw? Oh that's a hot one Fred!